Dr. Murdoch stops smiling, his face turning stern with his grey eyes focused on his apt pupil. “Good judgement involves a contemplation of the most optimum solution for one’s survival.  Your survival and that of your group depends on passing this test. Am I clear?”
Karl considers the logic for a moment, and backs down.   Letting out an audible sigh, he takes his place in a large armchair across the desk from his mentor.
As Dr. Murdoch pulls a single hand-written sheet from out of a leather folder, Karl’s eyes dart towards an ancient grandfather clock nestled against the opposite wall. Three o’clock in the morning.  For this Vampire, his night has just begun, but he senses it’s going to be the longest one of his life.
Outside, there is screaming.
The Fury are scouring the earth looking to swell their ranks with indiscriminate kills of unsuspecting mortals who are lured to their death, and then subsequently resurrected as one of the Undead. But to become Vampire is always a choice: a painful death as the predator’s saliva leaches their body of its essence, or eternal life.  Most chose life, if it could be called that, for a Vampire is doomed to a dark and soul-less existence.
Or so the myth goes. Actually Vampires learn to adjust to a night schedule and discover abilities they only read in books or saw in movies. Powerful, immortal and answerable to no one, a Vampire’s life has its pluses. The downside is perpetual alienation from each other and the human race for there is no real emotional or physical connection to a parallel world they can see and touch but cannot truly experience.
To most then, a Vampire’s existence is a virtual hell on earth, with no hope of heaven.
Vackal and the Convocation elders watch the Fury’s wave of death wishing to avoid any head-on confrontation with them until they are ready. The chosen five are their secret weapon.
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