The elders wait anxiously for the exam results that will signal whether this select group has grown in its understanding of humankind. With understanding comes the opportunity for dialogue and the possibility of a long-sought truce between the Vampire and human races.  In this battle for earth, these two races must join together, or both perish.
With the Fury’s growing strength, Vackal and the others agree that the Experiment must now be speeded up. So far their young students have been tutored in the basic human sciences: philosophy, art, politics and economics.  They’ve had instruction in fundamental human values like compassion and generosity.  They even taken a course in the Old and New Testament but that proved disastrous as the historical events presented excluded the existence of Vampires.
Once through these final exams, the chosen will begin their first training in Mucat.  This deadly art will require the most extreme discipline and a maximum of teamwork, qualities that are foreign to their basic nature. Only then can Mucat be used to destroy their enemy.
Time is critical. No one can fail the oral test.  A failure for one is a failure for all and a blow to the entire Experiment.
Outside, the killing continues.
Inside Mansbridge, a nervous Karl sits before a grave Dr. Murdoch as he prepares to ask his final and most important exam question.
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