Cross him and you were met with an intensity that struck fear into the Vampire soul – something that no other human could affect. So was he really human or something else?  And if so, what was that something else?  Certainly not Vampire for Dr. Murdoch never thirsted for blood, never had to tuck himself into a coffin at  night, never had to hide from the day.
Yet he could look into the hearts and minds of his students and see things that no other could see, not even their own kind.  Such was the mystery of their headmaster.  And a mystery it would remain.
As for Dr. Murdoch, his every move in the Experiment was observed and evaluated. For the Convocation could not risk failure, and to ensure its success a Vampire elder was picked to assess Dr. Murdoch’s actions and to provide counsel whenever needed.
This elder was one of the true ancients, a warrior from a dark and distant past who had fought his deep carnal nature and risen above it to help forge the Experiment.  His name was Vackal.   So developed were his faculties, so advanced were his killing techniques, that he could paralyze his prey with a look, and melt their flesh with a thought.  He could appear and disappear out of nowhere, and overhear conversations a mile away.
Vackal was the embodiment of pure Vampire, the final evolution of a master race that had stalked the earth for a millennium. But unbeknownst to mortals, Vampires do age. Though eternal, they begin to slow down after a thousand years till eventually they don’t move at all. And they will remain in that vegetative state forever if not killed by a merciful hand.
Vackal was starting to slow down.  And for the first time in his long life, he was afraid.
For the Fury were growing in numbers, recruiting those disaffected Vampires who would not considered enlightened enough to be part of the Convocation.  Their marching orders were clear: seek out and destroy any member of the Convocation. This campaign of death was made easier by the fact that members of the Convocation could be identified by a blue circle that formed around their iris when sensing danger.
One by one the Convocation sect was shrinking. There was little time left. The Experiment had to succeed.
And it had to remain a secret from the Fury.

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Mark Shekter & Garry Blye
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