This sect refused to accept change in the natural order of things.  Their instinctual nature was to kill and that basic urge was to be nurtured, not restrained.  So they declared war on their reformist brethren and committed themselves to fight for domination of the Undead, and a complete subjugation of the world’s population.
In response, the Convocation sought out the most promising of their kind, five youthful Vampires who had not become hardened in their predatory ways, five intelligent beings who showed a potential for change, a possible ‘humanization’ of their aggressive nature that would allow them to co-exist with mortals, without fear or threat.
These five were the chosen ones, to be protected at all cost so that they could be tutored in the ways of man, to learn his values, to understand his complex range of emotions, to develop compassion and even love – that most valued of all human traits, and a concept completely alien to the Vampire race.
But right alongside this ‘humanization’ training was to be preparation of another kind – the deadly martial art of Mucat.  This was the most sacred and secret of the Vampire’s arsenal. Developed a thousand years ago, this ancient skill was the most powerful fighting technique on earth. It involved the perfect synthesis of mind and body and split-second timing that could destroy an enemy in the blink of an eye.
These five young Vampires were to master this skill for it alone could save their sect. For five could withstand five hundred.  And training others, these five could defend themselves against thousands.
The Experiment could not fail. And to ensure its success another one was chosen to mentor them, to curb their savage desires and infuse them with a thirst not for blood but for knowledge.  Human knowledge. That one selected was Dr. Reginald Murdoch.
A renowned educator and respected tutor to the power class, Dr. Murdoch was conscripted by the Convocation. The details of his recruitment were not revealed. Whether he agreed willingly or was threatened with immediate extinction, or worse, was a matter of constant conjecture by the chosen five.
But one thing was certain: Dr. Murdoch was a force to be reckoned with. His commitment to the Experiment was unwavering. And his determination to succeed was absolute.

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