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Night had finally come to Mansbridge Academy.

Situated in a remote corner of England and cloaked by dense forest, this prestigious high school for privileged children of the upper class was now quiet.   The school year was over and two hundred grateful students had returned home to spend their summer lazing on the front lawns of sprawling mansions or sunbathing along the Spanish Costa del Sol with their equally privileged teenage friends.At Mansbridge Academy there was silence at last. A cold, eerie silence; the kind of hollow silence that hits you when you’re last one to leave a school dance and the auditorium is suddenly dark and empty.Being a national heritage site – it had been the elite school for Britain’s ruling clique for almost two centuries – Mansbridge had an elaborate state-of-the art security system that included a twelve foot rod iron fence with menacing spikes, a dozen well-placed cameras, and a laser matrix that triggered an alarm system that would wake up the dead.And that is exactly what it was designed to do -- rouse the dead. In this case, that meant Vampires.For deep in the bowels of this historic edifice, in a vault-like suite of rooms protected by six-foot thick walls and ceilings, was housed the Experiment, a daring program conceived by a long-feared race of beings referred to in folklore as the “Undead”.But unlike the stereotype of blood-sucking predators, this sect of Vampires known as the Convocation was more enlightened and sought to put an end to the five-thousand-year war with their mortal counterparts.  They had savagely hunted their prey as a means of survival, but over the centuries that bloodlust had only brought suffering and death to their own kind at the hands of their enemies.Despite being immortal, their numbers had dwindled as man’s detection methods and weaponry against them became more sophisticated.  They were facing slow extinction but not only at the hands of mortals, but from a renegade group of Vampires known as the Fury.

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