Vampire High Uncategorized Unleash Your Inner Toker at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey!

Unleash Your Inner Toker at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey!

Do you know that place in Marina Del Rey where the cannabis rainbows end? Welcome to MMD Shops, where we color your life with a vast selection of delightful cannabis products!

Imagine standing before a cornucopia of nature’s most enchanting green goodies, a Willy Wonka factory for adults if you will. We’re not kidding. This is where the magic happens – or should we say, where the ‘greenery’ flourishes.

And it’s not just your regular Mary Jane. We’ve got a whole ‘a la carte’ of cookies, candies, drinks, oils, balms, and even bath bombs. Yes, bathing in bliss is a thing here!

Long week at work? Bad break up? Too many chores? Use the ‘leaf’ to turn over a new one. Tune in, laugh out and feel a whole lot lighter, with our friendly flora. ‘High’? No, that’s not how we roll. We prefer ‘elevated.’

Trust us, we know our greens, and we’re all about getting YOU in the right spirit. So, come on down to MMD Shops Marina Del Rey and give our captivating cannabis collection a try!

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