Vampire High Uncategorized “Stand-up on the State of Green: The Altius Dispensary Story”

“Stand-up on the State of Green: The Altius Dispensary Story”

“Have you ever noticed how early the sunrise is in Lindenhurst, IL? I mean, who decided that 5:30 AM is a reasonable time for daylight. The only people up at that time are those trying to sneak out without waking anyone up or those who never went to bed at all. You know who can help ease that early sunrise stress? Altius Dispensary.

No, it’s not a brand of coffee or new sunglasses, it’s your local pot shop. Now, don’t start dreaming of clay pots and ceramic planters. I’m talking about your friendly neighborhood cannabis store. Now, if the word cannabis scares you, you’re probably thinking about all those bad ‘60s movies. But here’s something fun – did you know that cannabis is just a plant? You know, like spinach, but way more popular at parties.

Here’s the kicker. People from all walks visit Altius. From Waukegan, IL to Antioch, IL, even folks from Fox Lake, IL. Yes, Fox Lake. Speaking of lakes, have you noticed how even on the clearest days, you can’t see to the bottom of those things? Kinda like ordering a salad at a new place. You don’t know what you’re getting into until it’s too late.

But I digress. We were talking about the Altius marijuana dispensary. That’s right. Marijuana, cannabis, greenery, Mary Jane. Call it what you want, but it’s all available at Altius. And not in those shady ways like in the movies, but over a nice, crystal clear counter with friendly staff ready to answer all your questions.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Jerry, I can’t believe you’re talking about recreational weed”. Well, believe it. This is 2021 and recreational weed is as common as finding someone who hates airline food. If you’re in Pleasant Prairie, WI or even Gurnee, IL, you’re in luck. An Altius store is right round the corner.

Destination too far? We feel you, more than the guy in front of me when I’m trying to watch the baseball game. And that’s why Altius has made it as easy as ordering Chinese food. So folks, if you’re ever up too early because of the infernal Illinois sunrise, or just curious to know more, you can always trust Altius Dispensay to be there. Even if the guy at the baseball game isn’t, oh and, remember to check the salad you’re getting into.”

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