Vampire High Uncategorized “The HIGHest Standard in Grand Haven!”

“The HIGHest Standard in Grand Haven!”

Welcome to the lighter side of life in Grand Haven, MI! Let’s be blunt, the novelty of having Recreational-and-medical dispensaries in town hasn’t worn off. We are more excited than ever!

The presence of “New Standard” doesn’t just bring a whiff of freshness, it opens up a whole new universe of cannabis delights, all rolled up with convenience and friendly service. You don’t even have to drag yourself off the couch anymore, fall out laughing, we even got Cannabis Delivery! No more panic googling, ‘Where’s my marijuana provisioning center?’

We are the one-stop solution for your recreational and medical needs, combining the best strains from every corner of, well, Grand Haven’s local specialists. So, let’s pack away the ‘420 somewhere’ jokes now, we’re too busy being awesome right here. Come on over – the standard is New, the standard is High and the ‘high’ is just right!

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