Vajra Knife
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The most prominent weapon used in Buddhism is the chopper, it is used to dismember disbelievers. It is a curved flaying knife and is used to skin animal hides. The crescent of the chopper is used cut through flesh and scrape hides clean, this is called separating the outer from the inner self.  The point of the blade is used for precise incisions, this is needed to remove veins and tendons as well as cutting around orifices of the skin.

According to legend every year  a ceremony is carried out in the Samye monastery, this monastery is usually locked and on very rare occasions is entrance permitted. The ceremony is to replace the iron chopper and its wooden chopping board that had been placed there earlier in the year, the reason being is that the knife and board are so worn from use destroying evil spirits. The most important detail is though how can this be seeing as the monastery is locked and empty, and people claim to hear screaming at night.
The crescent shape of the knife corresponds to the shape the skull cup, and is used to mash the internal organs  and veins of evil spirits. So basically the chopper and the skull cup accompany each other. The chopper to cut through ignorance, and the skull cup represents wisdom.