Just researching as to when the Great Eclipse could have taken place during the Vampire Civil War, makes one appreciate how history can influence our fantasy as in the story of Vampire High.The richness of Minoan civilization is spell bounding to say the least as is the geography of the area tantilizing.

Crator of Santorini
The Minoan eruption of Santorini is reckoned to have been one of the biggest volcanic eruptions since the beginning of civilization. Only the eruption of Tambura, Indonesia in 1815 was bigger. For comparison, Santorini produced about 35 times as much rock and ash as the eruption of Mount St Helens in the USA in 1980 and had an explosivity rating about ten times that of Mt St Helens. The eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia in 1883 was slightly smaller than that of Santorini. To give some idea of the scale, Krakatoa's eruption produced an ocean wave which killed 36,000 people and the bang was heard over 4,500 km away.

When Mount Thera blew its top it churned out pumice, this is  white rock filled with bubbles of gas which is lighter than water. The column of pumice rose up to about  35km high and ash was blown into the stratosphere which then rained  back down on the islands, these clouds that were produced resembled 'mushroom clouds' similar to those produced by atom bombs . Where until this day it hasn't been removed, the pumice layer that covers Santorini in places is estimated to be 5 meters thick. Large amounts of magma were spewed out by the  explosive blasts of the volcano. In total, is estimated that about  30 - 40 cubic kilometres of magma rock was spewed out of the volcano. In the final stage of the eruption, the magma chamber beneath the surface of the mountain was emptied. The surface of the volcano collapsed, further deepening the existing caldera and leaving the vertical cliffs that can be seen today. The new caldera was deeper than the sea around it, so the sea rushed in and engulfed the centre of the island.

The Minoan Eruption

This  eruption took place in 1645 BC and is known as the Minoan eruption this because it occurred during the rich lifetime of the Minoan civilization. The Minoans civilization was started on Crete and the surrounding islands, which included the island  Santorini. The Minoans  lived on Santorini at the time of the massive eruption. Village remains have been discovered buried under the volcanic ash, both on the main island of Santorini as well as  on the adjoining island of Therasia. They were a cultured people,who had developed  multiple-storied houses, also including the first traces of plumbing known to man as well as painted frescoes. No dead bodies were discovered under the ash during excavations. So the conclusion that was drawen was that the Minons had been warned in advance of the approaching eruption and evacuated the islands.

Fresco of jumping the bull and celebrating the harvest
Santorini today
Fresco of jumping the bull, and celebrating the harvest.
Crater rim of Santorini.
Ship fresco
A gorgeous ship fresco, just looking at it reminds me of the opening sequence in Vampire High.