Within this site I have not only attempted to incorporate the best online summary, as well as capturing those dark mysterious feelings surrounding these night stalkers the living dead, Vampires. These feelings slowly emerge as the story unravels giving us the deep dark yet tantilizing presence of Vampires in myth & legend.
In the story of Vampire High there is a master race of Vampires fighting for domination of the undead. This has caused the Vampire race to split into two factions. One faction is led by the bloodthirsty Fury bent on destroying all human life as we know it. The other faction is led by the Enlightened Elders, powerful beings who want to save the Vampires as a race but in order to do that they must humanize.
I have made a golden trail of yellow links trying to reveal some of the different mysterious elements and facets I feel reveal the blood ties and relationships that are involved in the underlying theme of the story. Such as the eternal enemy of the Vampires and the lives they lead in perpetual darkness.
Their supernatural abilties that they need to harness in the war against the Fury. As well as trying to establish a time-line as to when the Civil War took place, and as to why the Enlightened Elders want to save the Vampires as a race.
Then as well the mystery surrounding what I consider the key element in the show "The Professor",  he is with out a doubt a force to reckoned with, someone surrounded with a cloak of mystery, and strength but why no one knows. I have developed a great respect for the creative brains of Mark Shekter and Garry Blye with this story that they have woven of Vampires.
I would like to thank Michelle Belanger for allowing me to place excerpts of her work on this site. For more information read her book on Vampire Rituals

all images are placed with permission of the
Official Vampire High Site

Production Company
This was my introduction to Mark Shekter, after searching the Internet for answers to my questions I received this fantastic email from Mark Shekter answering some of the many questions I had about Vampire High. Especially the underlying theme which has gripped my imagination and I am sure that I am not the only one. And the reason as to why the show was cancelled defies any logic, especially when looking at the ratings of other Vampire shows now showing on the screens today.

1. The story is entirely original. I dreamt it up, honestly. It didn't come from any book or movie or graphic novel. Entirely fiction. That's how I create any of my series. I'm a professional writer-producer and my business is imagination, and bringing that inner world to life.That's the kick of it.  So VH and its characters are completely original.

2. Dr. Murdoch was my creation as well -- I needed someone to take charge of the young vampire, someone to tutor them in the human arts. I also wanted someone who was an enigma: was he one of them, or someone superior?  He deliberately remains a mystery, and for a reason. His true nature and origins will be revealed in time.

3. The site of the Mansbridge Academy was an old power plant, it's true. About a 1 hour drive from the city of Montreal, on the St.Lawrence River. It's a very haunting place, that's why I chose it. No one lives there, it's basically evacuated despite its spectacular beauty and setting.

4. I was involved of course from the very conception of the show right through to its end. I was the senior person, in charge of the entire production.

5. The show ended, not because of ratings, but because one of the broadcasters at the time decided they didn't want to invest more money into drama. They ordered another season of shows, then at the last minute, they changed their mind.  But the series continued on in the UK (SKY B), Horror Channel etc and became a hit.  Right now there is interest in a sequel, but it would have to be a 60 minute show (1 hour) not half-hour.  My company is working on it.

6. I am writing a sequel but in novel form (several chapters written already). I might decide to publish it on line first. I'll let you know.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Mark Shekter
With specially thanks to
Jethro van Oosterhout
News Update - Interview Tean Shultz writer of "Odd Man Out" -- Interview Karen Cliche - Essie Rachamova -- Interview Meghan Ory - Sherry Woods

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This was my introduction to Vampire High this series really surprised me, I had these preconceived ideas about the living dead or should we say Vampires. The way the underlying story unravels  with those subtle  touches  of the supernatural  and then the  mystery surrounding the central figure the Professor really got my  imagination going. Vampire lovers would say this isn't quite a horror show but it does grip one's fantasy in such a way you want to know more on how the story is spun..
The  genius of Mark Shekter has created a captivating story of Vampires and the war they are fighting  many have copied the story line but the original is fantastic. Take a look at the intro and see what I mean.
I'm the co-creator and writer of Vampire High.  As exec producer of the original series, I decided it was time for the sequel, so I invite all visitors to check out my new online book:
VAMPIRE HIGH - THE MANSBRIDGE EXPERIMENT where once a month or so, I will add a new chapter.
VAMPIRE HIGH has enjoyed international success and because of its growing fan-base, I was inspired to keep the series alive with a sequel.
I invite your comments - and thank you for visiting this incredible site.

The Co-creator and Writer of
Vampire High
  Mark Shekter
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A school for difficult students in need of an education this is their last chance of getting an education. For the Vampires this is their chance to humanize try to come into contact with their human emotions that they have lost when turned into a Vampire.And the reason for this humanization is because these Vampires are desperately needed in the war against the Fury.
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