La neige cache l'ombre des figuiers (2009) (post-production) (sound editor)

Le grand sault (2009) (post-production) (sound designer) (sound editor) The Grand Falls (International: English title)

L'homme qui dort (2009) (sound designer) The Man Who Slept (Canada: English title: festival title)

Simon Konianski (2009) (sound editor)

Babine (2008) (sound designer)Babin (Europe: English title: festival title)

Demain (2008) (supervising sound editor)Sophie (Europe: English title: festival title)

Le jour avant le lendemain (2008) (sound editor)Before Tomorrow (Canada: English title)

Rosa Rosa (2008) (sound)

Hungu (2008) (supervising sound editor)

Tout est parfait (2008) (sound designer)Everything Is Fine (International: English title)

Silk (2007/I) (sound)

Sleeping Betty (2007) (sound designer)Isabelle au bois dormant (Canada: French title)

Voleurs de chevaux (2007) (sound effects editor)In the Arms of My Enemy (USA)

Madame Tutli-Putli (2007) (foley artist) (sound editor)

Jeu (2006) (sound designer)

The Rip-Off (2006) (sound designer)

Un, deux, trois, crépuscule (2006) (sound editor)

Conte de quartier (2006) (sound designer)

Un sur mille (2006) (sound editor)

Head (2006) (V) (sound editor)

Maurice Richard (2005) (sound effects editor)The Rocket (Canada: English title: new title)

Next: A Primer on Urban Painting (2005) (co-sound designer)

Miss Météo (2005) (TV) (sound editor)

L'audition (2005) (supervising sound editor)

Dehors novembre (2005) (sound designer)

Familia (2005) (sound effects editor)

Ruzz et Ben (2005) (sound designer)

Maman Last Call (2005) (sound effects editor)

L'homme sans ombre (2004) (sound editor)The Man with No Shadow (International: English title)

Folle embellie (2004) (sound designer)

Noël Noël (2003) (TV) (sound designer) (sound editor)Noel Noel (USA: informal English title)

Il était une fois... le Québec rouge (2003) (sound editor)

Islet (2003) (sound editor)Ilôt (Canada: French title)

Saved by the Belles (2003) (sound effects editor)

L'éternel et le brocanteur (2003) (supervising sound editor)

Rumeurs (2003) (sound editor)

Scent of Danger (2002) (TV) (sound effects editor)

Yellowknife (2002) (sound effects editor)

Le rIN (2002) (sound editor)

Les ramoneurs cérébraux (2002) (sound designer)The Brainwashers (Canada: English title)

Dead Awake (2001) (dialogue editor)

Protection (2001) (supervising sound editor)

Chasing Holden (2001) (sound editor)

Pressure Point (2001) (sound effects editor)

Papillon (2001) (sound designer)

Lost and Delirious (2001) (ambiences editor)

"Vampire High" (2001) TV series (sound effects editor) (unknown episodes)

Chasse papillon (2001) (sound)The Song-Catcher (Canada: English title)

"The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" (sound editor) (1 episode, 2000)

The Victorian Candidate (2000) TV episode (sound editor)

La bouteille (2000) (sound effects editor)The Bottle (International: English title)

A Day in a Life (2000) (sound effects editor)

Romain et Juliette (2000) (supervising sound editor)

You Can Thank Me Later (1998) (assistant dialogue editor)

Captive (1998) (dialogue editor)

Miscellaneous Crew:

Dead Silent (1999) (daily production assistant)