Grande ourse - La clé des possibles (2009) (boom operator) Master Key (USA)

Cadavres (2009) (boom operator)

Le banquet (2008) (boom)

"Les soeurs Elliot" (2007) TV series (boom operator) (2007)

"Durham County" (boom operator) (6 episodes, 2007)
"Bon Voyage" (2006) TV mini-series (boom operator) (2006)

Cheech (2006) (boom operator)

"Pure Laine" (boom operator) (4 episodes)
Le goût des jeunes filles (2004) (boom operator)On the Verge of a Fever (International: English title)

Power Corps. (2004) (boom operator)Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre (USA: video title)

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous - Le film (2004) (boom operator)

Le rire de la mer (2004) (TV) (boom operator)

Le golem de Montréal (2004) (boom operator)

"Mental Block" (2003) TV series (boom operator) (unknown episodes)

A Problem with Fear (2003) (boom operator)Parano (Canada: French title)

The Favourite Game (2003) (boom operator)

"Hommes en quarantaine" (2003) TV series (boom operator) (unknown episodes)"Hommes en quarantaine II" (Canada: English title: second season title)

Scent of Danger (2002) (TV) (boom operator)

Katryn's Place (2002) (boom operator)

Abandon (2002) (boom operator)

Rollerball (2002) (cable puller)

"" (2001) TV series (boom operator) (2001-2002) (uncredited)

Chasing Holden (2001) (boom operator)

Danny in the Sky (2001) (boom operator)

The Score (2001) (boom operator)

"Vampire High" (2001) TV series (boom operator) (unknown episodes)

Where the Money Is (2000) (sound apprentice)

"The Worst Witch" (1998) TV series (boom operator) (unknown episodes)