Hi Jo

Thank you for your interst in that show and in our work . I had the pleasure to create the hairstyle on that show for the episode 1 to 14 . It was a fantastic experience working with the actors, the costume crew and the make-up departement .This one was run by Colleen Quinton , who made an amazing job at creating those looks . For what I recall of that time , our mandate was to make those young adult vampires , looking good , sexy and modern . As for Ilona , she has a beautiful mane of hair , healty and shiny . I decided to work with texture more than form , to break the slikinness of her hair. For Karen , her Essie character , had to have a more edgy , strong and fashionable hairstyle . For the men , I work mostly with what they were wearing when I met them , I did accentuate the hairstyle and add some facial hair for a few of them . All of this came as the result the confidence and the wilingness of those fantastic actors and working with them at testing false hair , colors , extention , etc . I had a lot of fun and contentement working on that show .
Michelle Côté

Thanks a lot for your reaction to inquiries, especially for those terrific photo's.
The Factory (2011) (post-production) (key hair stylist)

Infected (2008) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Picture This (2008) (V) (key hair stylist)

Galère, La (2007) TV series (key hair stylist)

Tout sur moi (key hair stylist) (13 episodes, 2006))

300 (2006) (hair stylist)

Un homme mort (2006) TV series (key hair stylist)

Human Trafficking (2005) (TV) (hair stylist)

Miss Météo (2005) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Nos étés (2005) TV series (key hair stylist) (unknown episodes)

Maman Last Call (2005) (key hair stylist)

Détect.inc. (2005) TV series (key hair stylist) (unknown episodes)

Ma vie en cinémascope (2004) (key hair stylist)

Nightwaves (2003) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story (2003) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Just a Walk in the Park (2002) (TV) (key hair stylist)

After Amy (2001) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Pressure Point (2001) (key hair stylist)

Within These Walls (2001) (TV) (key hair stylist)

Fortier (2001) TV series (key hair stylist)

Vampire High (2001) TV series (key hair stylist)

A Walk on the Moon (1999) (assistant hair stylist) (as Michelle Cote)

Lassie (key hairdresser) (12 episodes, 1998-1999)  

Who Gets the House? (1999) (key hair stylist)

Dead Silent (1999) (key hair stylist)

Thunder Point (1998) (TV) (hair stylist)

Bleeders (1997) (assistant hair stylist)

Windsor Protocol (1996) (TV) (hair stylist)