Lilith appeals to feminists and magicians, was known as being extremely sexually active. According to legend she was Adam's first wife, and demanded total equality. They lived together happily until they became sexually active, and even then Liltih wasn't submissive to Adam and tried to dominate their sexual lives this frustrated Adam so much he tried to force himself on her against her will. During this attack Lilith uttered God's magical name, causing her to rise in the air and escape Adam, and find more sexually acceptable partners.

Lilth became a demon in her own right. After the slaughter of her children she sought to avenge their deaths by declaring war on woman in childbirth and newborn babies.

There were however amulets that could be worn for protection, this was forced on her by three angels. These amulets bore the names Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf. Charms and rituals later accompanied the wearing of amulets for protection. Girls were the most vulnerable the first 3 weeks of their life.Boys much longer until the age of 8 years.
The use of drawing a natron circle with charcoal was also considered a form of protection, within the circle the words "Adam and Eve, barring Lilith, protect this child from harm"The names of the amulets were also written on the door. On occasion amulets with the same inscription were placed in all the corners in the bedroom. One of the sure signs that Lilith was present was when a child laughed in her sleep. Lightly touching the childs nose would send the demon on its way.
Men were also known to afraid of Lilith especially men who slept alone.

Men who experienced nocturnal emissions believed they had been seduced by Lilith, queen of the succubi, in their sleep. The unlucky ones had their blood sucked out of them. As queen of the succubi, Lilith was believed to have been aided in her nightly endeavours by her minions. Her demon lover Samael would frolic with Lilith and the succubi near the 'mountains of darkness.'

She started changing with dramatic senuous affairs with fallen angels, and from these affairs she spawned a huge demon family , these were then called Lilim. She even had sex with Satan and their offspring were known as genies.
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