Dear Tean,
Hoping all is well and a gentle nudge from me about the questions. Just thought I would resend you the questions just in case, one never knows these days with computers and internet.
Were you aware of the underlying story in the show when you were contacted to write an episode for the show?
When first contacted, no. But we had a number of meetings and were given all the materials about the show and were brought up to speed with what was going on.

What did you think of the Mark Shekter's underlying story line?
It had and has fantastic potential for an electrifying series (which it is). Who can resist young vampires who are learning to control themselves, who are learning to deal with others and most importantly learning to confront their own passions.

How did you approach the idea of writing for "Odd Man Out"?
The point of the script was to show perspectives on love. Manufactured, real, wished for, negative and overwhelming. Our characters were put through the wringer, emotionally speaking. Even Shakari couldnít resist this power and was drawn out. Nothing can resist this. I do remember an idea was toyed with: When Essie goes out with Malcolm (which was to occur earlier in the script, but still after she was entranced by Marty) she was supposed to have gone into blood lust with all the food getting hot at the dance. She figured that Marty (because heís such a bad ass) would love her even more for doing so much killing. Of course this was nixed and Iím pretty sure Malcolm was happier that it was. He seems to have had a great night.
Black magic is a subject fantastically approached in the episode how did you decide to in-corporate in the script?

Fury Magic is hard core. Hard core magic; you only use it to control others and to help yourself. Itís never beneficial or selfless. It seemed only para-natural to have a ďlove spellĒ be in the Fury Magic spell book. The Fizzle spell (on a deeper and more profound level) includes sacrifice. Karl didnít want to be there (who would blame him after seeing his girl all over Marty!!). But he put that aside to save his friends. Even Marty (the ass that he is) sacrificed his pride to ask them all to help him. All together they became stronger because of the selfless sacrifice. This puts an end to being controlled by those who wish to control us. This is one reason why Murdoch wasnít angry with them for doing it. The lesson they all learned was something they could never be taught, it must be experienced.

Had you ever written a script for a Vampire show before this?
This I canít remember. I wrote a kids show called ďMona The VampireĒ. But I donít recall if it was before or after. The show was about a little girl who believed that she was a Vampire but not during school hours.

Did you have a favorite character to write dialogue for?
Marty and Essie. These two always had things to say. Great characters.

Did you get to watch the filming of the episode(s) you wrote?
Went down to the incredibly impressive sets (the Convocation area was astounding). Met a few of the actors but I became busy with a tour (music) and was unable to attend any shootings.

Were there things you wrote into the script that weren't used (and if so, were you sorry to see them go)?
Yes, a lot. It is very different from what we wrote. As I mentioned earlier there were something nixed and directed in a different way. ďupsetĒ, no not at all. One quickly understands that there are more people working on a show that make decisions about the final then ever thought possible. Itís a great show. I wrote for it and Iím happy to see the characters come to life (or at least living-dead life) on the small screen.  
Were you aware if the following the show has generated over the years?
I admit that I didnít know that anyone cared for the show. And I am VERY happy to see that there are. It was very gratifying to get your email Jo, even though I am so delinquent in answering your questions
Do you think it strange that this show never got a chance to run in the States?
Oh no. Not at all. With the way things are in broadcasting I am not surprised that a great show was not shown in the USA. It is a sad thing but not surprising.

If you were approached to write for this show again in the future would you?
Iím sharpening my fangs as we speak.

Do you think there might have been draw backs for the writers in having  such a short time limit for each episode?
Iím not sure what you mean. Do you mean the amount of time given to us for actually writing the episode or the fact that the episodes were only 1/2 hours.

If you mean the former: I donít remember how long it took to write. But Iíve always worked on deadlines and personally work far better with a deadline than something that doesnít need to be done yesterday.

If you mean the latter: I would have loved to do an hour with this show. We could have really gotten into some interesting territory. But it would, I believe have darkened up the show a lot. Thatís not a bad thing in my opinion.  But a 1/2 hour is what it is. Fast and to the point.

Did you write any more scripts for Vampire High that were not used, because I know when Meghan Ory wanted out of the series they had to shelve quite a few episodes that they had prepared for production?
I donít think so. That was a few computers ago and I canít remember exactly but I donít think we did.

Did you keep the script that you had written for "Odd Man Out"?
" and if I may could I possibly get a copy to place on the site for the fans to enjoy."

Yes. Iíll send it to you (but I donít know what draft it is Ė it is different from the final).

And did you compose the intro for the show by the way?

Unfortunately that wasnít mine. I wrote for the show but didnít do any of the music.
Thanks a lot for allowing me to ask you these questions.

My pleasure.

Ciao for now