First thoughts as to when you first read the script?
I thought that the script was good and intriguing

Were you aware of the story line, before you started shooting, and what was your impression of the story line?
Yes and I liked it, I thought that it was interesting and cool

Had you worked with the other actors before Vampire High.?

Any other character from the show you think you could have played?
No, I liked my character just fine

What did you think about the relationship between Sherry & Drew, was it really love or did you consider it to an obsession.?

What were your thoughts about the Professor in relation to the Vampires and the Day Students, meaning how important did you think his part was in the experiment.?
Very important

Possible season 2 predictions you would have liked to see (even though your character had died)?
I guess I would have liked new characters come in and maybe my character could have come back from the dead

Did you regret leaving the series so suddenly.?
No, I had other stuff happening at the time

Were you aware of the unique chemistry that existed between the actors during filming?

What stands out in in your mind as you think back to this period in your life.?
How great the show was for me and my other cast mates

Was there anything that you would have liked to have changed with your character.?
Not really, I liked my character.

Were there any special moments that you can remember during shooting.?
Me and the cast had some special days when we just hung out and it was nice and fun

Was there any particular director that you liked working with the most?
Daniel Grou

Were you aware of the growing popularity of Vampire High over the years?

If they started shooting again and you were approached to re-create your role in the show, do you think that Sherry might even come back as a ghost to haunt Drew.?
yes and it would be neat