Dear Karen Cliche,

I think I should introduce myself before you read the questions I have sent you.
My name is Jo and I live in the The Netherlands.I am a stunned fan. The reason being I usually avoid a great deal of the horror genre only if there is a good interesting underlying story to the film or TV show, I am more of a  Sci-if fan. And I hadn't even heard of Vampire High until last year that is and then only by accident, the reason being got myself hooked up to digital TV, a true eye opener one of the first programs I saw was, as you can guess was Vampire High at first I thought oh! No, another Buffy show but decided to persevere and watched it. And I was slightly confused or should I say dumbfounded  this wasn't what I thought it was Vampire,blood,guts,stakes,silver bullets and full moon but something with a story, a story that a lot shows have now also copied over the years. But this was refreshingly different, me the viewer after watching a couple of episodes was completely blown away. I have enjoyed all of the episodes. And the character that interests me the the most is the Professor, everybody knows something about the Vampires, the Day Students, the Fury even the Enlightened Elders but the Professor is an enigma no-one seems to know anything about him except of course the Elders.
The first personal comment is from a fan.

F irst off, Thanks for the autograph my friend Nicole had U sign. And congrats on your baby on the way.
How did you get the role of Essie?

I got the role of Essie simply by auditioning!  In my final audition,  Karl Goldstein, our director, was discussing possibly going with black hair , so we draped a black sheet over my head and tried to make it look as "hair like" as possible and I continued doing the scene trying not look feel like an idiot!!!  That was the best acting of my life I think, haha!  In the end we all agreed to use our imagination and ditch the ridiculous sheet.....;-)

What was your impression of the story line in the show?

Vampire High was my first series, and I actually still think its one of the best all around shows I have ever worked on.
Had you worked with anyone of the cast before Vampire High?

I didn't really know anyone before we started filming...except for Paul Hokins who I had to kiss in an audition the year before!
What did you think of having to change the color of your hair, which was apparently quite an undertaking?

Dying my hair to black was no problem, exciting actually, I loved it.  But then when the some producers wanted it back to blonde....well, it took literally over 14 hours total the first time to get the black out, but left it green/orange and broken.  So we chopped 5 inches off, and kept lightening it up throughout the show. It was hell and I cried a lot at first!!!
What was it like to work with David McilWraith,(my favorite character in the show)?

Working with David was great. We got to work with each other again years later on my show Young Blades. We laughed a lot...... We both have pretty twisted raunchy sense of humors!!
In "The Withering" the way you were made up was fantastic, what was it like to be made up so old?

Becoming old in "the withering" was quite the process.  I had to sit and have a face cast made ( very scary as you are completely covered in plaster for 10 minutes or so, cant see, cant really hear, and breathe through a straw), it took a lot for me not to panic!   The artists who created that face and my skin are geniuses. I loved looking completely different.  I would run around and try to make out with people as an old lady all the time haha!
Was there any director that you liked working with the most?

We were so fortunate to work with fun, great directors. Karl Goldstein and Adam Weissman come to mind. I actually shot a pilot with Adam in January...we are hoping it makes it to series!!!
If given the chance would you consider reviving your role of Essie, I have heard strong rumors that Vampire High could return to the screens first in an hour show and then we will have to wait and see?

I think if we all went back to shoot Vampire High, it would be "Vampire Old Age Home" haha!

Had you expected the show to be cancelled just after one season?

We were shocked when midway through filming we got news that the money ran out and we were stopping production about 12 episodes in.  Then we got a call a couple months later and we went back to work. Unfortunately it was only to finish the season :-(
What's your favorite memory of the show?

My fav memory of the show ( apart from Essie being my favorite character to play to date)  is probably the overall experience of it. The connection and fun with the cast, and even the drama at times ;-).

Is there any particular episode you liked the most?

I am so impressed with the fans of VH,  you guys are passionate and relentless in your pursuit of a comeback! It was a great show and you have great taste!!!
Do you ever watch the show yourself anymore and what do you think of it after these years.

I wish I had all the episodes, I would watch them all the time!  I did love the Withering....cuz it was so different for me.
How did you choose your wardrobe for the show, fantastic by the way?

My wardrobe was CRAZY FUN!!! I loved seeing what Claire had come up with each week.  
Do you still have contact with the other actors of the show?

Actually, almost all the cast is still friends to this day( day and night students) !!  We all keep in touch, and Ilona was just at my baby shower even!

I answered most of the questions, sometimes combining answers. Hope its all good for you!!!

Xoxo K.