I recently contacted Joris Jarsky and asked him for an interview, which he gracefully answered he really is quite a nice guy.Just listening to his answers reflects what a talented bunch of actors they are. Wouldn't it be fantstic to see them together again on the screen.

Thank you for wanting to answer a few questions.

Looking back at the video's of the show,we the fans could see the special chemistry going on between the actors.Were any of you aware of it at the time.

Yes I would say we were > we had a blast doing the show.

What was it like to work together with David Mcilwraith at the time.

David is a wonderful actor and a great guy ..........I can't say enough good things about him.

I loved those pieces in the show where Marty is either antagonizing Karl,Drew or chasing Merrill or Essie, but prevalant was this dark side in your character.That was gorgeous. What did you think might happen with Marty in the future.

It's hard to say .......But I think more of the same really ...... I think Marty had a desire to be good and inside he really was.....But his everyday life it was hard for him to behave.

I have heard from Mark Shekter that there are strong interests in a sequel of an hour, would you be interested in playing Marty again.( Stupid question really).

Of course, providing everyone else was in it too.

I have noticed that both David Mcilwraith and Paul Hopkins have backgrounds in classical acting, do you have any experience in that area either.

I trained at the National Theatre School of Canada.

What projects are you working on at the moment.

Just finished Island of the Dead and Boondock Saints 2.

I read your last interview about your singing, but that was a terrific performance. Do you sing at all these days.

In the shower and to annoy my friends.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my e-mail as well as my questions