Hi Jo,
I've included my answers.
At the time when you auditioned for a part in Vampire High were you aware of the role you might be playing in Vampire High?
Yes. I knew it was Drew

First thing you thought of after reading the first script for the show?
I think it was at the first cast read through for the Producers, Writer and Director. If that was my first read, I'm quite certain I was thinking "I hope they don't  replace me"

When you started filming the show, were you aware of the underlying story of the show?

What attracted you to the part of Drew French?
Feeling like an outsider.

What worries (if any) did you have about the show? Your part and so forth.
Well, with any new show you hope it finds its voice, a consistent voice and tone (campy, dark, dramatic...). Also, because it was being shot without a Network attached, you certainly hope it gets properly  aired. As for my part, I just wanted to be good.

How did you select your clothing for the show, was it a collaboration with Claire Nadon?
It was really all her. Although the boots were mine. As well as a couple of rings and a chain. I liked jewelry  back in those days. I am from Montreal.

Was it difficult getting used to wearing contact lenses for the role?
Yeah it was never comfortable.

Did you find it a drawback that every episode was so short?
MMM... maybe at first, but there was something fun about it. you were left wanting more. I think ultimately it was a good thing.

Looking at the way the story progressed in Vampire High were you convinced that what Drew felt for Sherry, was it truly love or an obsession in your opinion ?
There's a fine line between those two things, isn't there? I think it had moments of both. Ultimately thoygh, to last it would have needed to evolve into something simpler. And is anything simple between a human and a Vampire?

The confrontation with the Professor, especially in "Sunrise" after Drew returns from the Convocation, his character began to show a dark dangerous side of him that was rather riveting, was there anything else you would loved to had done in that particular episode with your character?
I don't remember wanting to do something more. I do remember really enjoying filming that episode.

How important did you think the part Professor Murdoch was in relation to the experiment?
Vital, the only character who consistently and openly existed both upstairs and downstairs. He represented  authority, be it parents, teachers, police. He also drove many of the storylines.

Looking at the episode "That's Why The Lady Is A Vamp" and we the viewers got introduced to Merrill's maker a gorgeous role played by Catherine  Colvey, did you have any ideas as what to kind of person had turned Drew in to a Vampire?
Definitely a woman. A seductress, who then probably vanished without even having a cup of coffee with the poor kid.
Now the episode that a lot of people associate dearly with you, Drew and Sherry "In Your Dreams" who did you think followed you into Sherry's dream, was it Merrill or was it Marty, or possibly someone that no one would suspect?
I think they both did. Not much else to do down in our little dungeon. I want to add that is one of my favorite episodes. I loved shooting it.

When looking at and listening to the closing Narrative in "Both Sides Now" one gets a feeling that there were big surprises planned for the future character development in the series. What would you have liked to have done with your role if given the chance?
I've been asked that a few times. I think number one, like anyone cooped up, I'd want to get out more. More excursions outside the school. MMM besides that, I think step up as a leader in a larger battle. Have a cause to ignite him out of his doldrums.

Are you surprised that Vampire High is still attracting viewers? ( I saw it for the first time last year)
I really am. Pleasantly so. I'm actually quite amazed, given how little publicity it got when it first started out. I don't think it was given enough of a chance in the beginning, which is certainly disappointing and obviously a poor decision by the powers that be given how much of a following it still has. It was on a small cable channel in Canada. Nothing in the U.S. I don't think it aired in England until later.

If they did decide to start shooting Vampire High would you consider playing Drew French again.
I'd certainly consider it. I think It'd be a little hard, though. I believe that all of us Vampires  are supposed to not be aging. Well, that show was filmed in 2000-1 So.... you do the math. but if there's a will there's always a way around these things.

Chapters of the proposed 2nd season are going to be published on the web soon, would you be interested in reading them as well?

Are you also aware if there is enough interest generated with these Chapters Vampire High could be returning to the screen.?
Not awareE of that.

Your ideas of how 2nd season could have gone?
MMM. it'S been a while.... Perhaps Nick (Adam MacDonald) is made into a Vampire. And one of the Vamps becomes mortal for some reason. Like a trade off.... I'm sure there would have been many romantic trysts and dangerous excursions... So many possibilities in the world created by that show. One thing is for sure. It would have been fun.
Have a fantastic Week

You too, Jo. It was great fun to engage in some nostalgia.