Garry Blye's productions have been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. His work in music and television spans more than four decades.

Beginning his career at the William Morris Agency, Blye soon after became associated with Colonel Tom Parker and, from 1968 to 1970, concurrently maintained relationships on the MGM lot with both the Colonel and the William Morris Agency's TV Variety department. In 1969, he was appointed Assistant to the Head of TV Variety Packaging, during which he worked on numerous programs including Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, The Smothers-Brothers Comedy Hour and The Glen Campbell Show.

In 1970, Blye joined Alan Bernard's management firm, managing both Andy Williams and serving as talent coordinator for The Andy Williams Show. At that time, he was also involved in the creation of Barnaby Records, whose roster included Ray Stevens, The Osmond Brothers and Jimmy Buffett.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Blye produced dozens of television productions for series TV and TV specials, working with Richard Pryor, Barry Manilow, Dick Van Dyke, Dolly Parton, Hal Holbrook, Gene Kelly and Redd Foxx to name a few. His production of Follies Bergere produced for HBO was one of the first ever specials on pay TV. In the mid 1980s, Blye turned his attention to Canada, where he co-produced The Juno Awards (1985-1987), The Genie Awards (1986) and the highest rated television special in 1986, A Gala Evening at Expo '86.

Blye has served as Program Consultant for Ohlmeyer Communications and Canada/Molstar Communications for a variety of entertainment specials, television programs and special events. In 1985, he served as Executive in Charge of Production for the TV comedy series My Way and, in 1988, the TV comedy series Starting from Scratch. In addition, he produced the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Calgary '88 Olympic Gala featuring Anne Murray, Oscar Peterson and David Foster.

Beginning in 1989, Blye served as Executive in Charge of Production for the Elizabeth Manley Special, the highest rated TV special for the season; The 10th Annual Genie Awards, which garnered the best rating in the history of Canadian Film Awards shows; and completed production of 100 episodes of The Judge, a courtroom drama TV series.

Between 1990 and 1998, Blye completed an additional 75 episodes of The Judge, the fourth season of The Super Dave Osborne Show and was named Producer for the Gemini Awards (Canada's version of the Emmy Awards). As Executive in Charge of Production, he launched Shari Lewis's very successful children's TV series Lambchop's Play Along; and created and co-produced the award winning TV series Missing Treasures: The Search for our Lost Children. In 1993, the critically acclaimed Missing Treasures Christmas Special capped the 29-episode series.

In 1995, Blye was the Executive Producer of Mysterious Forces Beyond, a 26-episode documentary on the paranormal that was broadcast in 25 markets worldwide. In 1996, he was an Executive Producer of the animated series Bedtime Primetime Classics™, which is currently airing in over 50 markets worldwide.

Blye was an Executive Producer of Pursuit, a documentary pilot special that won the TV Special - Documentary Gold Award at WorldFest Flagstaff in 1998. He was an Executive Producer of an A&E Biography entitled "Cartier: Jewelers to the Kings," which premiered in the Spring of 1999, and Executive Produced the series Daring and Grace. In 1999, he Executive Produced the series Urban Angels of Medicine for The Discovery Channel.

Blye was also the Executive Producer of the Elizabeth Manley biography Happily Ever After in 2002 for the Life and Times series on the CBC; and was Executive Producer of the widely acclaimed performance arts documentary celebrating the 70th anniversary of the birth of Glenn Gould, entitled Glenn Gould: The Russian Journey, which premiered on the CBC in September of 2002.

Blye was Executive Producer for all five seasons of Zoo Diaries for the Life Network; and for both seasons of the series Vampire High. He was also Executive Producer of the series, Say Yes & Marry Me, which premiered in the spring of 2003 on the Life Network. Blye is executive and co-producer of Rebirth of an Opera: Persée in the Court of Atelier, which aired on the CBC in the fall of 2004, and is executive produced The Last Voyage of the Empress, which aired on CBC in the fall of 2005. In 2006, Blye executive produced Project Passion, a relationship show for the US network WE (Women's Entertainment). He also produced Ice Storm: The Salé & Pelletier Affair (nominated for a Gemini award in 2006) for CTV, which documents the untold story of the skating scandal at the Salt Lake Olympics.

Most recently, Garry has executive produced Spiritual Gardens for Vision TV, a thirteen part series documenting special gardens that can heal the mind, body and soul, and produced A World of Possibilites for the E! Channel (Canada), a live concert for the grand opening of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal wing of the Royal Ontario Museum attended by over 50,000 people on the streets of downtown Toronto.

Blye has many projects lined up for 2008 including Chun Yi: The Making of a Legend (OMNI), a one-hour documentary that explores and reveals the magic behind the scenes of an extraordinary Chinese Theatrical experience, John Cripton: Legend Behind the Legend (OMNI), the story of the Canadian theatre impresario, cultural broker and producer who brought Beijing’s Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu to Canada, and ROM Redux (OMNI), a behind-the-scenes look at the expanding Royal Ontario Museum. Finally, Blye is the process of putting together a project with Paul Burrell, the former butler to Diana, the Princess of Wales.