Our company, LIFEMAKER, has been doing special make-up and effects for the entertainment industry at large, for the last 18 years. Growing and gaining experience in diverse fields along the way.

By looking at our résumé, you'll see that we worked as much for big movie projects as for smaller independent ones; we did as much U.S. tv series like Showtime's "The Hunger" or Fox' "Big Wolf On Campus" , as we did smaller regional stuff; we worked for magicians, publicity companies, amusement parks, even a University, designing and experimenting a method of 'skin surface measurements' for their kinanthropology department!!  

Today, we are a team of 5 regulars and 10 freelancer lab and set artists and technicians, covering different fields of expertise, that guarantees clients,the contracts will be brought on time and on budget, CREATIVELY.

The owner/ founder of the company is 41 year old Montrealer, Erik Gosselin, who made a name for himself working with his twin brother, Karl, as TWINS F/X for his first 10 professionnal years, before opening LIFEMAKER..

ERIK GOSSELIN, who is as much the artistic director than chief painter/ sculptor/ make-up artist is a Member of the A.Q.T.I.S, Québec Cinéma and Vidéo Technicians Union #MR-2324 ('chief effects make-up artist' and 'prosthetics technician') and the IATSE Union.

The rest of the team is made up of professionnals that were trained and are experienced in specialty fields like sculpting, painting and airbrushing, set prosthetic make-up application and maintenance, designing/ fine arts, hairdressing, moldmaking, mechanics and, even, welding and tattooing!

Just these last couple of years we have made static/ articulated fake bodies, full head masks, radio-controlled robots of different sizes, prosthetic agings/ fattenings/ monsters, lifesize Sumo asses, self-contained freak fetuses, stop-motion-animation-articulated silicone puppets, breaking apart zombie limbs and make-ups,… 

Our South Shore facility is 6000sq.ft. and fully equipped with two-station make-up room, molding room with shower, specially ventilated fiberglas room, etc.; 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, we are located right besides the Melrose Studios facilities, neighboring the St-Hubert airport.  

The episode "Rules Are Rules" we see Jeff Roop standing in the sunshine, and he begins to smoke, were you involved in that scene?
Just CGI.
What was the most difficult part of your work on Vampire High?
Just the TV series pace. We worked on similar horror series like Big Wolf On Campus, All Souls, and The Hunger, and it was always the “Prepare-The – Next – Show – While – We  - Shoot – This - One “ thing that was problematic. We only have 2 hands and 1 head…and 24 hours in a day.

Who is the most famous person you've worked with?
Halle Berry...on Gothika. She was the best, funny, polite, considerate, patient…what a trooper!! Loved her. And again she is gorgeous.
About how tight and low budget was the make up effects?.
Was better that I would have expected. Not feature film high but decent.

Was there anything special you wanted to do but couldn't for any reason?.
Oh Yes...We have design sketches here of other creatures that would have been awesome!! Sadly $$ or time prevented their birth …LOL. We also wanted to have one of the main characters melt much more that just some smoke!
What kind of contact lenses did you use for the Vampires?
Custom – Made from Vancouver… We did sketches and they built them for us.
If you were approached to do Vampire High again would you consider working it?
Oh Yes...Definitely..
What other projects/shows have you worked on?
I am going to have to let you go to my website, in the credits tab to fish out the info in my resume… or on IMDB.Com under Erik Gosselin. There are just too many.

Oh yes, might I bother you and ask you for more information of you latest project, if possible some photo's as well because it sounds positively exciting, and apparently the fans really enjoy all aspect's of making films.
No problem I will keep you posted.

Have a Fantastic Week
Jo Groenewoud

Where did you learn to do all those special effects?

I studied pure and applied Science in College, and after doing some bodyguard work, before getting to University in Optical Physics, I found the magazine Fangoria!! I decided then that science by itself would be boring, unless mixed with Art…Make-Up effects.

No real training in the field, just had fun in my basement for 2 years, putting a portfolio together, been a Pro for 19 years now….

Who inspired you into becoming a Make-Up Specialist?
Rick Baker and Dick Smith...The best. American  Werewolf In  London  and  Rawhead  Rex  were my favorites then.

Hi Erik,
It's me again and here are the questions that I have received from the Vampire High Fans, a really terrific bunch of enthusiasts.
How was the demon made that was sent to infiltrate Mansbridge?

Full head foam latex mask fitted to a tall ballet dancer/ stuntman. He also had full length foam latex gloves. All painted by air brushes..lenses…dentures.
How would you describe your time on Vampire High?
Very enjoyable...Those types of fantastic or horror TV series are our bread and butter, not to mention keeping you on your toes. We always have cool ideas to render but no time !! We love it.

Did you enjoy yourself?
Definitely...And the cast was great. We shot the show at the Cine-Cite Studios, 5 minutes from my shop, and my house.

Who was your favorite cast member to work on and why?
I thought Karen Cliche and  Ilona Elkin were very friendly and fun-loving….never complained and were damn cute!! As in Hot…LOL
Did you work on the special effects make-up and if so, did you have a favorite piece/look of which you're particularly proud?
We did all Make-Up effects and props… I liked the tall leather – clad demon… and Vakaal. I was also very proud of the realistic canines we did for all principal actors to wear.
How did you start building up David Pilon with his Vakaal make-up, was the foundation a rubber mask?
Daniel is his first name not David….LOL

Same as usual ffor quick paced TV series…custom-made foam latex appliances, again hands, nails, dentures, lenses… very cool airbrushed, pale, veiny, make-up.

Daniel was a team player, and did not complain once during the 3 hour application process.

In the "Withering" you made gorgeous Karen Cliche grow convincingly old, how did you do that.?
That was a hard one, since she is gorgeous and has a very fine perfect skin complexion, I used 8 different gelatin pieces on her, including small ones on her hands. Again 3 hours application.

Karen Cliche - Essie Rachamova - The Withering 1
Karen Cliche - Essie Rachamova - The Withering 2
Karen Cliche - Essie Rachamova - The Withering 3
Daniel Pilon - Vakaall
Daniel Pilon - Vakaall - Profile
Daniel Pilon - Vakaall 2
Drone - Dads & Monsters - defeated
Erik Gosselin at work
Erik Gosselin
Jeff Roop - Sunrise
Karen Cliche - Essie Rachamova
Drone - Dads & Monsters
Jeff Roop - Sunrise - chain of Drakon