This is a fiery subject among true fans of Vampire High is when then the eclipse took place. The Civil War between the Vampire factions does provide for interesting reading.Just trying to envision when these Vampires fought their war and where really gets my imagination going.Here are some possibilities, if you know of other instances please let us know.
wolf and the eclipse of the moon
The eclipse in history
Eclipses have always been associated with legends, myths and symbols which constitute a rich source of inspiration in different cultures and epochs.
Most of the ancient legends evoke a celestial creature devouring the Sun - a dragon for Indian, Indonesian and Chinese, a giant frog for Vietnamese, a jaguar in Argentina, or a Vampire in Siberia, these celestial monsters are responsible for the disappearance of the Moon or the Sun.

One Chinese legend reports that the total solar eclipse in China on 22 October 2134 BC took everybody by surprise. Therefore there was no time to prepare the archers and the drummers in order to fight and frighten the dragons which devour the Sun during the eclipse.
In fact, the official imperial astronomers His and Ho, missed the prediction of the eclipse. Not only did they lose their work and the respect of their colleagues - they also lost their heads.
eclipse of the moon
The Odyssey refers to a solar eclipse near Ithaca, which would correspond to 1178 BC. There is a reference to an eclipse in the Bible which could correspond to 15 June 736 BC. Babylonian astronomers have systematically noted solar and lunar eclipses from 700 BC to 50 years BC.

Thales of Milet reports that a total solar eclipse (now dated in May 585 BC) crossed the battlefield during a war between the Lydians and the Medes. The fighting stopped, and peace was declared.
According to historian David Keys, the last time global climate change transformed our planet was back in the sixth century AD, the heart of the Dark Ages. Today climate change is at least partially driven by human agency. But 1,500 years ago it was triggered by a massive volcanic eruption (535 AD) in Southeast Asia (Krakatoa being the likeliest culprit), setting in motion a chain of events which included plague, barbarian migrations and revolution.
Or was this  based on The Book of Revelations. It is judged to have be written round about A.D.70. This coincides as with an eclipse that took place then.

In his dialogue, the Greek biographer, historian and philosopher, Plutarch (ca. A.D. 45-120), gives a vivid description of a major eclipse of the sun. On the not unreasonable assumption that this description refers to a real historical observation of an eclipse which was fully total, there have been several attempts to date the event by astronomical calculation. Dates that have been proposed range from A.D. 71 to 83, all in the early part of Plutarch's life.
first eruption of Krakatoa

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