When I started this site I was totally ignorant of the fact that were different Vampire races involved, since I was curious about  Professor Murdoch and the fact some Vampire fans consider him to be a Vampire as well maybe even a mutated Vampire at that spurred me on to find out as much as I could about them. Anything to find out what he might or could be. I must say I was surprised at the diversity that I have found if anyone knows of any that I haven't mentioned please let me know, some of them I found on interactive reality games on the net.Perhaps these could help us decide who made or were the makers of the Vampires Drew,Karl,Marty, Merrill and Essie.

Akashan (Pure vampires)     
Probably the purest Vampire bloodline in Hyboria. Theirs is an existence in the shadows and night is their domain. All Akashans were once human and none have been  'tainted' by magic or demonic possession.

Xotracul. (Vampiric wielders of dark magic)
When any being becomes a Vampire as a result of a specific Xotlian magical ritual involving the blood of a Vampire, it is likely such an individual will become a Xotracul.The blood is the life, and it is the very 'essence' of life (found within all blood) that Xotraculs manipulate when conducting their sorcery.However, their Vampiric nature is interwoven with their dark magic, binding them to a death-life of servitude, in which loyalty to the clan is paramount. Every Xotracul is answerable to his or her superior in the clan hierarchy.Xotraculs must periodically accomplish some deed to prove their individual worth to the clan. Should they be unable to provide such proof, it is likely they will be devoured or destroyed by their brethren.

Lucravian. (Vampires seeking redemption)
Of the Nine Ancients, there was one in whom the flame of conscience was never completely extinguished or distorted. Some say the descendents of this ancient vampire retain their souls, yet as a result suffer eternal torment as they perform their Vampiric misdeeds.Lucravians, driven by the still, small voice of their conscience, therefore seek the redemption of their souls either through penance or actions that sometimes favour or protect 'innocent' mortals. It is not uncommon for Lucravians to prey mainly on criminals.However, Lucravians are akin to the moon in nature, having several phases - sometimes they are like the heavenly body in her fullness, reflecting the light of the sun. At such times, they radiate beauty, their conscience comes to the fore and evil is in abeyance. But there is also the dark-of-moon phase and, then, let all men beware for the voice of the Lucravian's conscience is naught but a whisper and may go unheeded.

Vintridian. (Solitary Vampires)
Vampires who shun the idea of clan membership are known as Vintridian - wanderers. Their bloodline has no fixed attributes other than the need for solitude, although many are thinkers and philosophers, artists and writers. However, despite preferring to avoid their own kind, other than perhaps one or two trusted allies on occasion, they can often be found in the presence of mortals, intrigued perhaps by what can be accomplished in such a short lifespan, which to any Vampire is but a fleeting moment in time

The Gangrel
The Gangrel are wanders, rarely staying in one place for any length of time. In this, they differ greatly from most Kindred, who tend to find a haven and cling to it. There are no established leaders of the clan, on a whole, Gangrel are unconcerned with such things. Withdrawn, quiet and solemn, they certainly keep their cards close to their chests. This is a clan of survivors...Vampires capable of making it on their own. They do not despise civilization or the society of other Kindred...they simply do not require it. They are known for their lack of concern when crossing the lands of the Lupines (werewolves), for it is said they have friends among the shapechangers.  The Gangrel are themselves very capable shapeshifters, which may explain their ability to cross the wild areas unmolested. There are no reports of them being able to transform into anything other than wolves and bats, but there are old tales of Gangrel elders who could achieve a mist form. Perhaps because of this Protean Discipline, their features often resemble those of animals; indeed, some of the oldest Gangrel barely resemble human beings anymore.The members of this clan often have animalistic features, and are usually quite rustic in dress and mannerisms Gangrel are nomadic by nature and almost never create permanent dwellings. Though they may live within a single city, they will usually not create havens for themselves, but will instead sleep in a different place each day. They are often found in parks, zoos or semi-wooded areas in the city. Most of them are able to meld with the earth and do so each dawn to escape the sun.They always pick their progeny very carefully, seeking those who are survivors. However, once they Embrace these mortals, they abandon them, leaving the childer to make their own way in the world. Though sires may watch from a distance, they almost never interfere. When the time is right, they present themselves to their fledglings and teach them the ways of the clan.Gangrel become increasingly animal-like each time they frenzy.

Magdvak. (Mystically insane Vampires)
Magdvaks are the obverse aspect of mysticism in the Hyborian world. They have a gift that sets them apart from all other bloodlines, having the ability to penetrate unknown things and can at times even see parts of the future. Yet all of their gifts come at a terrible price… sanity. In time, every member of this bloodline goes insane and their inspired babbling then leaves even the best of interpreters at a loss to understand the meaning of their words. Nevertheless, Magdvaks are sought after by other Vampire clans for their foresight and unique skills, yet their mental derangement also makes them unpredictable and potentially dangerous, causing them to be shunned by many, or locked away for centuries not only for their own safety but for the protection of other Vampires.

Vantiquador. (Noble, ruling class of Vampires)
Of all the clans, Vantiquador  takes the survival and support of all Vampires the most seriously. Their motivation is the will to  power, yet this is usually done for the most noble of reasons - the continuation of the vampire bloodline 'en masse'. They actively work to govern and guide all the clans, although their methods can sometimes be shocking, merciless and severe.They are the manipulators of mind and excel in Vampiric methods of hypnosis. To varying degrees, they are able to mentally compel others from a distance and use such techniques to bring their prey out from the safety of home or tavern into their fatal embrace.Governing the clans is never easy and Vantiquadors find their greatest challenge to be the mage-born Xotraculs. Predicting the outcome of a battle of wills between the mind-manipulating Vantiquadors and the Xotracul blood-manipulators would be difficult should these two clans ever find themselves at odds.Vantiquadors also take full advantage of the Rahksarlian clan's predisposition to protect, and thus provide intelligent governance which enables the Rahksarlians to focus all their energy on developing their martial skills to the highest level.Generally, the other eight clans accept clan Vantiquador as the governing power and have even come to expect it, especially in times of war.

Hythenian. (Vampire pleasure seekers)
"There is no good or evil, only pleasure," say the Hythenians. Their twisted minds seem devoid of conscience and the gratification of the senses is their primary interest. Theirs is a continuous quest that sees clan members searching for different forms of pleasure, perhaps to celebrate their heightened senses and theirVampire nature - or perhaps simply to make eternity bearable?

Rahksarlian. (Vampire guards and warriors)
Rahksarlians live for battle and only by the deaths of their enemies in ferocious combat can their blood thirst be truly satiated. To prey on the unarmed or non-aggressive is never enough for Rahksarlians and leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Like cornered animals, members of this clan are quick to aggression and rejoice in their skills of immortal combat. It's hard to stop a Rahksarlian from fighting once the first blow is struck, so those who cross them should expect a fight to the death. Rahksarlians are not only loyal to their comrades in arms, they often assign themselves as protectors of other Vampires no matter the clan and take pride in their roles as guards as well as warriors.

Bashk. (Vampire demon hybrids - including Vampiric-werewolves)
Throughout Hyborian history, scribes have recorded numerous legends of the nine Vampire bloodlines - legends only, because those historians who let curiosity get the better of them and set out on expeditions to discover the facts, never returned.Despite the steady decline in number of mortal researchers on the subject, it is generally agreed that of the nine clans recorded, there is only one about which very little can be known.In the study of Vampirism, never has there been a more difficult task than fathoming the true nature of a demon-turned-Vampire.Bashks are unpredictable, because their essential demonic nature is transformed when they become Vampires. Never again will they be as they once were, and no two are ever alike - apart from sharing the same appetite...There is an ancient saying, "When the lords of hell tire of battling for your soul, their one remaining desire is to see you utterly devoured - and in that hour, the Bashk will come for you."

Servitor. (Mortal members of the guild of Vampires)
Servitors are the attendants or servants of the immortal undead. They have been taken into the fold and therefore receive a considerable amount of protection from most Vampires.Servitors must provide their own blood for the Vampires at any cost and the most trusted servants loyally protect their undead masters while they sleep in their tombs.Of these trusted few, if they do not end up as dead meat or as ghouls (due to prolonged over-usage as blood providers) some may eventually be rewarded for their service and initiated into the bloodline by being made into true Vampires.

The Gangrel