David McilWraith
David Mcilwraith portrays in the series Professor Reginald Murdoch, an enigmatic man who has developed different teaching techniques to help difficult students. Appears to be unapproachable but is always in tune with his students, he is always there if problems arise and is rarely surprised at the going on's in the Academy. David Mcilwraith's performance is outstanding in this series, everyone enjoys the performance of the young Vampire's but his presence in the series is such you keep on coming back for more.

After extensive searching on the Net and being unable to find anything on this elusive man I decided to investigate the name Mcilwraith and that also is very interesting reading.
The first family to use the name Mcilwraith lived in the ancient Scottish kingdom Daldriada. It was used as a nickname for a young man with tanned skin and twany hair.The Gaelich name is  Mac 'ille riabhaih which means son of a brindled lad.

Daldrian families proliferated through North America. Their descendants populate many communities in Eastern parts of both  America and Canada.Families on both sides of the border have recovered their heritage and have organized clan societies and highland games. Investigation of immigration records that the name Mcilwraith landed in Philedelphia in 1834.

The extraordinary diversity of talents and activities that characterize the McIlwraith family ranges from amateur naturalists

(Hamilton cabinet-maker and coal-merchant Thomas McIlwraith [1824-1903]).

politicians (engineer and Queensland premier Thomas McIlwraith [1835-1900]).

Editors and literary agents (draughtsman and diarist Andrew McIlwraith [1830-?].

Jean Newton McIlwraith [1858-1938],

Dorothy McIlwraith [1891-1976],

Philip Child [1898-1978])

Entrepreneurs (Helen "Nellie" Holt née McIlwraith [1860-1950] and John Henderson Holt [b?-1915], of the Holt-Renfrew department store.

Architects [Wilm Knox [1858-1915]

Anthropologist (Thomas T. F. McIlwraith [1899-1864]). They worked with influential personalities of their time, published in distinguished venues, and were involved in seminal projects. For example, Thomas McIlwraith the ornithologist advised author Ernest Thompson Seton and exchanged information with naturalists all over North America; his daughter Jean befriended US publisher, journalist and diplomat Walter Hines Page when she worked for Page Doubleday Publishers.

Dorothy McIlwraith headed the New York-based pulp magazine Weird Tales, which published some of the most influential science-fiction writers of the twentieth century; Wilm Knox collaborated with Chicago architect Louis Sullivan and participated in the Columbian Fair.

Thomas T. F. McIlwraith interacted with some of the greatest anthropologists of his time (Edward Sapir, W.H. Rivers, Alfred Cort Haddon).

The Professor